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Paul Oryem

Innovium MC
Stealth launching: "A global platform of sports insights and interactions" https://www.innoviumsports.com

Technology Professional | Marine Enviromental Services Consultant
Innovative, results-driven, and an accomplished professional with expertise in the intersection of technology, applied science, communication tools and media. Work experience in environmental services, community and environmental health education. I love that we are living in an age of rapidly expanding knowledge and the tools to facilitate a better world.

🐬🐳🦈🦭🐢🐠🔭 https://www.innoviummarine.com
Marine environmental consultant for a wide range of industries to meet their regulatory compliance needs under the Endangered Species Act and/or Marine Mammal Protection Act with assignments as an
Environmental Inspector (EI) | Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) | Protected Species Observer (PSO) | Marine Endangered Species Observer (MESO)

Environmental assignments in Hazardous Materials transport and management.

📲 🖥 📸 📹🎙https://www.innoviummc.com
Professional Technical Proficiency
FRAMEWORKS: Flutter, Ushahidi, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Twine, Unity3D
DATA/SCIENCE: Mysticetus, PAMGuard
PROGRAMMING: Python, Dart, web scripts
PLATFORMS/OS: MacOS, Windows, Apache, Ubuntu, AWS, Salesforce, Azure
COLLABORATION: Office 365: SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Slack